Group Learning Sessions

Module 1: Understanding Care Transitions across the Healthcare Continuum

The group learning session/Module 1 provides an introduction to the goals, learning objectives and structure of the CTEP curriculum. The importance of training nurses to lead effective care transition is emphasized. A synopsis of the CTEP group learning modules, instructions for the Patient Tracer/experiential learning activities and a preview of the CTEP Quality Improvement practice is provided.

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Module 2: The Key Role of Nurses in Patient Care Transitions

In group learning session/Module 2, learning focuses on nurses’ individual role and accountability for achieving effective patient care transitions. Tenants of patient and family-centered care are reviewed and practiced as they relate to care transitions. Students engage in interactive learning activities to strengthen their competencies to embrace and execute their key role in achieving effective patient care transitions.

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Module 3: Systems Thinking in Patient Care Transitions

In group learning session/Module 3, learning focuses on definition and application of systems thinking in effective care transitions. Health providers’ personal and shared accountability to improve transitions and prevent negative outcomes is reinforced. Interactive learning activities illuminate the impact of the healthcare business and reform on care transitions, patients and families, nurses and institutions.

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Module 4: Nurse Leadership in Care Transitions Quality Improvement

In group learning session/Module 4, learning focuses on the Institute of Medicine vision of nurses as leaders “from bedside to board room.” Nurses’ ability to engage in care transitions quality improvement is emphasized. Learners explore personal leadership skills and engage in interactive and experiential learning activities, including developing a care transitions quality improvement plan using quality improvement methods and tools from the curriculum.

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