Module 3

Systems Thinking in Patient Care Transitions

In group learning session/Module 3, learning focuses on the definition and application of “systems thinking” in effective care transitions. Health providers’ personal and shared accountability to improve patient transitions and prevent negative outcomes is reinforced. Interactive learning activities illuminate the impact of the healthcare’s business aspects and healthcare reform on care transitions, patients and families, nurses and institutions.

Module 3 topics include:

  • Systems thinking as a beneficial approach to care transition problem-solving
  • Quality improvement practice using the 5 Whys
  • Overview of the health care system
  • Healthcare “business” and its impact on patients/families, nurses, institutions and systems
  • Ways nurses can engage with the business of healthcare to improve care transitions
  • Key concepts in healthcare reform and healthcare delivery models including ACOs and PCMH
  • Basic overview of Medicare and Medicaid differences and coverage
  • The power of developing a wider circle of colleagues

Module 3 Video Links

  • Nurse Navigators and Healthcare Reform

Additional Video Resources

What if your hotel bill was treated like a hospital bill (5 mins)