Module 1

Introduction to CTEP and Understanding Care Transitions across the Healthcare Continuum

The group learning session/Module 1 provides an introduction to the goals, learning objectives and structure of the CTEP curriculum. The importance of training nurses to lead effective care transition is emphasized. A synopsis of the CTEP group learning modules, instructions for the Patient Tracer/experiential learning activities and a preview of the CTEP Quality Improvement practice is provided.

Learning focuses on the definition of care transitions, health care continuum and the imperative to improve patient-centered care transitions. Roles, responsibilities and contributions of patients and families, nurses and multidisciplinary health professionals to achieving effective care transitions are introduced. Learners participate in interactive learning activities to increase their awareness and appreciation of patient care provided in care settings across the continuum.

Module 1 Video Links

  • Improving Care Transitions, Reducing Avoidable Hospital Readmissions
  • Nurses Shatter the Stereotype
  • Health Affairs' Susan Dentzer on Care Transitions
  • Interdisciplinary Team Care
  • Choreographed Care Transitions

Additional Video Resources