Module 4

Nurse Leadership in Care Transitions Quality Improvement

In group learning session/Module 4, learning focuses on the Institute of Medicine vision of nurses as leaders “from bedside to board room.” Nurses’ ability to engage in care transitions quality improvement is emphasized. Learners explore personal leadership skills and engage in interactive and experiential learning activities, including developing a care transitions quality improvement plan using quality improvement methods and tools from the curriculum.

Module 4 Topics include:

  • Exploration of nurses as leaders of care transitions
  • IOM report interpretations of nurse leadership and
  • Leadership and Quality Improvement (QI) as nursing competencies and nurses’ legacy
  • Definition and steps of QI
  • QI practice: Root cause analysis and tools (5 Whys; Cause and Effect diagrams)
  • QI practice: Planning change using the PDSA
  • Ways nurses can lead care transitions improvement and identifying personal QI interests
  • Reflecting on the CTEP experience

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