Module 2

The Key Role of Nurses in Patient Care Transitions

In group learning session/Module 2, learning focuses on nurses’ individual roles and accountability for achieving effective patient care transitions. Tenants of patient and family-centered care are reviewed and practiced as they relate to care transitions. Students engage in interactive learning activities to strengthen their competencies to embrace and execute their key role in achieving effective patient care transitions.

Module 2 topics include:

  • Care transitions as a nursing process and nursing practices that can improve care transitions
  • Focus on patient and family experiences
  • Communication skills for effective care transitions
  • Impact of health literacy and cultural considerations on care transitions processes
  • Teach Back method
  • Meaning and value of “warm handovers”
  • Quality improvement practice – identifying care transition problems

Module 2 Video Links

  • All Roads Lead to Transitions of Care
  • Teach Back in a Cardiology Practice

Additional Video Resources