Best Practices

To achieve successful training outcomes, we offer best practices regarding your partners, implementation and timing. For detailed information about how to implement the CTEP curriculum most effectively, see the CTEP Educator Guide.

Working with Partners

  • Implement CTEP in partnership with at least 1-2 other types of facilities/care settings (e.g. skilled nursing, home visiting, acute care)
  • Ensure the support of leadership within each facility who has financial and decision-making authority

Implementing CTEP

Scheduling CTEP

  • Plan to start and finish the curriculum within a 4-8 week training period
  • Schedule Patient Tracer visits to occur throughout the entire training period
  • Schedule no less than 24 hours of CTEP training activities
Curriculum Activity Hours
Group Learning Sessions (4 hours for each module) 16
Patient Tracer activity preparation, field experience and reflection 6
Quality Improvement activities 2
Total recommended hours: 24

Note: This time estimate does not include time required to implement the selected QI project