Quality Improvement Project

When nurses have the information, motivation and support they need – when they are equipped to lead and help improve care transitions processes – nurses can serve as full partners in healthcare redesign and improvement.

Nurses can implement care transition quality improvement (QI) projects, small or large, from bedside to boardroom. We know they can because we have seen them do it.

To increase motivation and competencies for quality improvement activities, QI information, tools and practice are built into the CTEP curriculum in Modules 2 and 3, leading up to a full QI project planning process in Module 4Nurse Leadership in Care Transitions Quality Improvement. QI project ideas are provided.

Tips and Recommendations

  • Allow nurses to select the issue they want to focus on.
  • Start with small tests of change.
  • Support nurses to continue participating in cross-continuum QI activities after completing the CTEP curriculum.
  • Create ongoing learning communities with the goal of nurses utilizing the knowledge and tools gained from CTEP training to implement actual improvement projects.