Educator Guide

We want all educators using the CTEP Curriculum Tool Kit to be well prepared to educate nurses about leading effective care transitions.  The CTEP Educator Guide is provided here to orient you to the structure, content and key concepts of the Curriculum Tool Kit.  The guide provides useful guidance for planning and facilitating the three core curriculum components and achieving the CTEP learning objectives.

Educator Guide Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Implementing CTEP – Best Practices and Lessons Learned
    1. Using the Group Learning Modules
    2. Patient Tracer and Other Experiential Learning activities
    3. Quality Improvement practice
  3. CTEP Evaluation
  4. General Training Tips
  5. Attachments
    1. CTEP Summary – Project Overview
    2. Best Practices and Lessons Learned for CTEP Implementation
    3. Selecting a Qualified CTEP Educator
    4. Example for CTEP Structuring Group Learning Sessions
    5. Example for Planning Continuous Patient Tracer Visits
    6. Example for Facilitating Patient Tracer as a Rotation with Student Nurses
    7. CTEP Pre/Post – Test Example
    8. CTEP Pre/Post – Knowledge Self-Assessment
    9. CTEP Resource Guide