Curriculum Tool Kit Overview

The CTEP curriculum toolkit provides everything educators need to implement CTEP training, including:

Implementing the best practice four-day training, including all three core CTEP training elements, is essential for achieving the CTEP curriculum.

However, the shorter two-day CTEP curriculum tool kit may be used for care transitions education if the best practice four-day training is not possible.

The Best Practice CTEP curriculum is a 20-30 hour learning experience that incorporates three core elements:

  • Brings learners together in ‘teams’ from two or more types of health care settings (e.g., hospital, SNF, home health) for four, in-person interactive ‘Group Learning Sessions’
  • Includes a ‘Patient Tracer’ experiential learning to observe a patient care transition, to or from a care setting, in real time
  • Includes the development of a care transitions ‘Quality Improvement Project’
  1. Group Learning Sessions

    Four CTEP Group Learning modules focus on the knowledge, skills and attitudes identified by patient care providers as important for assuming leadership roles in effective care transitions. Learners from across health care settings participate in the interactive sessions together. Each module contains 3-4 hours of learning content and activities.

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  2. Patient Tracer Activity

    The Patient Tracer Activity provides learners with the powerful opportunity to leave their own care setting and ‘shadow’ a patient/family during or immediately after a care transition, focusing on the experience through the patient’s eyes. The curriculum contains guidelines and tools for carrying out this essential curriculum learning activity.

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  3. Quality Improvement Project

    During the group learning sessions, learners work together in cross-continuum teams to practice applying quality improvement strategies and tools to their real-life care transitions challenges. Ultimately, learners develop and implement a small test of change to effect actual care transitions quality improvement within and between their facilities.

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Two-day CTEP Curriculum

  1. Group Learning Sessions