Guiding Principles

CTEP was developed based on the following guiding principles.

  • A care transition is defined as the transfer of a patient from one setting of care or one set of providers to another during the course of an episode of care, with all care settings considered important to ensuring quality, patient-centered care.
  • Interdisciplinary teams, of which nurses are members, are essential to effective care transitions.
  • The focus on care transitions has the ultimate goal of improving the experience and outcome goals of the patient/resident and their family from their perspective, as well as that of the healthcare provider.
  • CTEP is intended to complement and leverage existing efforts to improve care transitions in the regions where it is implemented.
  • The primary goal of CTEP is to develop the existing and future nursing workforce by educating nurses together from across the continuum of care so they can effectively lead care transitions, and serve as full partners in healthcare redesign and improvement efforts.
  • The CTEP curriculum employs experiential and didactic learning methods focused on increasing the foundational knowledge, skills and attitudes nurses need to lead and improve care transitions.
  • The CTEP curriculum is intended to be accessible to as many people and organizations as possible.