Success Stories

CTEP was initially implemented in 26 cross continuum healthcare organizations and 6 schools of nursing in Western Massachusetts, where they piloted the curriculum with 350 nurses & nursing students. Here are just a few of the CTEP success stories.

Noble Hospital has seen a reduction in its 30 day readmission rates since implementing the CTEP program. Noble Hospital experienced a 15% reduction in all cause readmission rates between FY13 and FY14 during which time CTEP was implemented, and is tracking a 9% reduction in 2014 year to date.

Holyoke Medical Center (HMC) credits CTEP for the decrease in all cause readmits at the medical center. Although HMC was also employing other strategies, such as their CHF program and a COPD program which concentrated on teaching self-management skills to patients, the nurses who were trained in CTEP have sustained these programs and adopted warm handover in their practice which helped to reduce readmits. Those nurses who participated in a tracer experience now understand why a handover is so important and what information is critical to the next provider. HMC’s readmission rate fell from 14% to 11% while incorporating these interventions. Nurses leading transitions is the key to sustaining the work HMC and its cross continuum teams have started.

Since January 2014, Linda Manor Extended Care Facility has had zero unnecessary readmissions to Cooley Dickinson Hospital within 72 hours or 7 days when the warm handover was used. The cross continuum team will be reviewing other measures such as falls as their sample size grows.

Cooley Dickinson Hospital and its cross continuum partners developed a warm handover checklist as their CTEP quality improvement initiative. Patients whose transitions included a warm handover have significantly fewer returns to acute care within the first week, with a 7 day readmission rate of 3.1% compared to an overall acute care readmission rate of 6.6%.