The Massachusetts Senior Care Foundation, in partnership with the Western MA Nursing Collaborative (WMNC), received funding from Partners Investing in Nursing’s Future (PIN), a program of the Robert Wood Johnson and Northwest Health Foundations to develop and evaluate CTEP (2011-2014). WMNC is an established partnership between healthcare employers representing the care continuum, schools of nursing and workforce development.

Nursing educators from service and academia developed the interactive curriculum. Under the PIN grant, MSCF and WMNC developed the CTEP training program based on an extensive gap analysis with nurses, nurse managers, and educators from across the Commonwealth. The gap analysis included: 1) focus groups with frontline nurses and existing cross continuum teams to understand skill and knowledge gaps; 2) review of existing care transitions resources and literature; 3) review of the MA Nurse of the Future© competencies and Inter Professional Education Competencies (IPEC) and; 4) a core attitude survey with nurses to determine critical attitudes among nurses to lead and improve patient-centered care transitions.

From 2012-2013, eight (8) pilot sites, encompassing 26 cross continuum healthcare organizations and 6 schools of nursing in Western Massachusetts piloted the curriculum with 350 nurses & nursing students. A cross-continuum evaluation team, including ASG Advisors evaluated the pilots and curriculum content.

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